Swimming workouts

For the swimming workouts that suits you the best, you should first choose in which group of swimmers you belong:


You have learned to swim when you were a child, but have never done a real swimming workout since.


You have done some swimming workouts, but you lack the endurance to continue. You need swimming workouts that will improve your technique and help your endurance to improve.


You know how to swim and have done some races. You are ready for some real swimming workouts.


In this article we are going to focus on novice swimmers. As most of the people will be in this group. If you are in one of the other groups, don’t worry there will be articles for you soon! Also have you seen our article about different techniques? You can read it here!


So you are a novice swimmer and want a swimming workout. Good news we got a perfect workout for you to reach your goals! We will be working with a 14-week program so you can peak at the race were you are training for or if you just want to improve your swimming.


First of all you will need some gear. We have linked some here:

Kickboard   Pull buoy   Paddles   Fins

Now that you have everything we can start with the swimming workout. The first thing we need to improve is are the kicks, so you will see this come back a lot in the workouts. A good exercise for this are side kicks:
This is how the side kick works. You kick with your hips with your shoulders staring to the side and you keep your head still. make sure that your head is facing down to floor of the pool. The arm which is closest to the bottom should extend forward and the other arm should be against the side of your body. If you are out of breath you simply rotate on to your back. On your back you can take a few good breath before returning back to your side. After every lane you switch sides.

The workout

Weeks 1-2

Only do the side kicks and shark-fin drills and no swimming. Try to do it as long as you can, with as goal to cover greater distances every time.

Weeks 3-4

Combine the drills from weeks 1-2 with some more advanced drills. You can find these on our site later. Also you can combine swimming with the drills. The ratio should be 75% drills and 25% swimming.

Weeks 5-6

Drills and swimming should be in a ratio of 50/50. Try to build yardage slowly.

Weeks 7-10

More yardage and swimming to drilling ratio should be around 75/25. Also try and do some interval exercises.

Weeks 11-12

The same as the weeks before, but the ratio should be around 80/20. These are the hardest weeks, so try to finish them. After these weeks the taper begins so you can do some intense swimming workouts.

Weeks 13-14

Taper weeks. This means no more intense swimming workouts and no long distances anymore. Take your rest and do some short distance exercises with much pace.

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